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Why Brendan Foot?

Brendan Foot Hyundai is an 100% NZ owned and operated family business. We are on your side when it comes to helping your business grow. Hyundai has been supplying company cars to hundreds of Kiwi businesses for over 30 years. We know how to match the best fleet vehicles to your business at the right price.

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Dedicated Fleet Team

Our dedicated Brendan Foot Hyundai Fleet team will work with you to create a cost effective package for your business. They’ll also be on hand throughout the lifetime of your vehicles to ensure the smooth running of your fleet.

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Safety & Comfort

Your staff are your business’s greatest asset. It’s always important keeping staff happy and safe.  Hyundai take safety seriously. Only the very latest and more technologically advanced safety features make it in to Hyundai vehicles, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the safest choice for your business.



Hyundai’s engines, in particular our diesels, are award winning, with class-leading 'cost of ownership'. Our engines save you money in two ways: efficiency across the range keep fuel costs low, while high reliability reduces service costs, keeping your business moving and earning. We have 9 years of consecutively being NZ’s leading diesel vehicle supplier (passenger cars only)!


Packed with features

The Hyundai range is packed full of great features, keeping our vehicles ahead of the competition. With features including Apple CarPlay*, Bluetooth Handsfree phone systems, Reversing Cameras and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to name a few, Hyundai vehicles are brimming with features to increase driver and passenger comfort and safety. *Not available on all models.


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With a range of fleet cars to choose from, Brendan Foot Hyundai has the vehicles to perform every task your business undertakes. The Elantra and Sonata are perfect for longer journeys, while the i30 and Accent are ideal for buzzing around town. Our stylish SUVs - the all-new Tucson and Santa Fe - are tough all-rounders that are at home in all conditions, and for larger loads, look no further than the iMax & iLoad vans.

Hyundai is proud to offer New Zealand’s largest range of great-value small fleet cars - from hatchbacks like the i20 and i30, to the sporty Veloster. All have great fuel efficiency, five seats, generous boot space and a 5-star ANCAP safety rating, making them the best of Hyundai – distilled in to a small car.

Whether you are looking for a luxurious best-in-class sedan or a more practical station wagon, Hyundai has 6 great options for you. Perfect for Kiwi businesses, all offer loads of space for passengers and gear, practical features and clever technology in abundance.

To give your business more road presence and have the practicality of a true all-round vehicle, Hyundai offers two award-winning SUV options: the Santa Fe Series II and the new Tucson. Both offer features more than capable of being the perfect fit for our business.

Hyundai has two hardworking, powerful and reliable fleet vans: the iLoad for cargo and iMax for passengers. Both offer the same levels styling, comfort and features as many of Hyundai’s cars - so the word ‘van’ doesn’t do either of them justice.

How To Buy

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To find out how Hyundai can work for your business, get in touch with our friendly Fleet Business team.  We will take you through our many vehicle choices as well as all the ownership and leasing options that work for you.

Getting the right finance package is just as important as choosing the right vehicles, so Hyundai Fleet offers a number leasing options, from owning and managing your own vehicles to a straight monthly lease - whether it be operating or financed, fully or non-maintained.

To help you get an idea of the cost when you buy fleet cars, our car lease calculator takes into on road costs, your level of deposit and the purchase contract term - making it great way to see the value your business can enjoy with Brendan Foot Hyundai.

(Please note that prices quoted are GST inclusive)

An operating lease is the easiest and most simple vehicle lease solution. If you want to avoid the hassle of managing costs and the on-going maintenance of your fleet, a fully maintained operating lease is best for you. Alternatively, if you prefer to manage the on-going maintenance of your vehicles while taking them off the balance sheet, the non-maintained operating lease option might be the preferred option.

With finance lease, you can lease a fleet of vehicles from Brendan Foot Hyundai for a fixed monthly repayment. By changing the residual value and setting repayments according to your cashflow, you can tailor the monthly payments to suit your business's needs. A finance lease provides you with more room for flexibility and cost efficiency.


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Brendan Foot Hyundai already provide hundreds of company cars to companies around the wider Wellington region. We know how to match the best fleet vehicles to your business at the right price.

"IndeServe has 15 Hyundai iLoad light commercial vans that we have been using for the past 5 years. Our technicians carry out work on customer premises and drive them to these locations often carrying ladders and materials required for the job. 

When we assessed the market we found the Hyundai to be an effective light commercial van for our use but it drove like a car and was much more comfortable than other vans. These vehicles have not let us down in use. Our technicians continue to enjoy driving them every day."

- John Leonard, General Manager

"When the time came to refresh our fleet, we started looking at what our options were. As we narrowed down the options, we partnered with Brendan Foot Hyundai who took the time to understand our business and put forward the best solutions. We have now migrated the majority of our fleet to Hyundai, with us operating i30 and i40 wagons along with iLoad vans.

We chose Hyundai for the feature rich specifications, including safety and reliability, while we also took the opportunity to switch entirely to diesel fuelled vehicles for what has proven to be excellent economy.  Nothing else stacked up as well as the Hyundai offering when everything was taken in to consideration.

The fact the vehicles are all so well equipped and good on the road has seen staff embrace the change. Despite some initial concerns about the diesel side of things, staff quickly adjusted and now enjoys the fact they don’t need to refuel anywhere near as often as they used to.

The change has been so successful that as we replace vehicles now, we don’t look beyond Hyundai where Brendan Foot Hyundai continues to deliver superb levels of service from end to end."

-   Russell Kelling, Financial Controller