If you're looking for the right vehicles for your business, Hyundai has the perfect fleet lease vehicles solution for you.

Whatever your business size or requirements, you can get the job done by choosing from Hyundai Fleet's diverse range of models, all of which offer the latest in technology, efficiency, safety and style. And as a Fleet customer, you have the flexibility of a range of ownership and leasing options, as well as tax benefits and great value servicing.

So from the city loving Accent to the cargo carrying iLoad - our fleet services can provide the right vehicles to help drive your business forward.

Why Brendan Foot?

Brendan Foot Hyundai is an 100% NZ owned and operated family business. We are on your side when it comes to helping your business grow. Hyundai has been supplying company cars to hundreds of Kiwi businesses for over 30 years. We know how to match the best fleet vehicles to your business at the right price.

Hyundai Fleet Vehicle Range

Dedicated Fleet Team

Our dedicated Brendan Foot Hyundai Fleet team will work with you to create a cost effective package for your business. They’ll also be on hand throughout the lifetime of your vehicles to ensure the smooth running of your fleet.

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5 Star Safety

Your staff are your business’s greatest asset. It’s always important keeping staff happy and safe.  Hyundai take safety seriously. Only the very latest and more technologically advanced safety features make it in to Hyundai vehicles, so you can rest easy knowing you’ve made the safest choice for your business. 


Hyundai’s engines, in particular our diesels, are award winning, with class-leading 'cost of ownership'. Our engines save you money in two ways: efficiency across the range keep fuel costs low, while high reliability reduces service costs, keeping your business moving and earning. We have 9 years of consecutively being NZ’s leading diesel vehicle supplier (passenger cars only)! 

Packed with features

 The Hyundai range is packed full of great features, keeping our vehicles ahead of the competition. With features including Apple CarPlay*, Bluetooth Handsfree phone systems, Reversing Cameras and Electronic Stability Control (ESC) to name a few, Hyundai vehicles are brimming with features to increase driver and passenger comfort and safety. *Not available on all models.

What Our Customers Say

Brendan Foot Hyundai already provide hundreds of company cars to companies around the wider Wellington region. We know how to match the best fleet vehicles to your business at the right price.

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How to Buy

To find out how Hyundai can work for your business, get in touch with our friendly Fleet Business team.  We will take you through our many vehicle choices as well as all the ownership and leasing options that work for you.

Getting the right finance package is just as important as choosing the right vehicles, so Hyundai Fleet offers a number leasing options, from owning and managing your own vehicles to a straight monthly lease - whether it be operating or financed, fully or non-maintained.

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